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Monday, May 31, 2010

Tempura Veggies

When I was at the grocery store yesterday the asparagus and eggplant looked so delicious, I couldn't leave it.  However, I needed to do something to do with it.  Thus began my adventures in tempura-land.

After searching for a recipe, I settled on this one:
This makes a ton of batter, I ended up with a lot of extra and I used one bunch of asparagus and one medium sized eggplant.  I also  used peanut oil instead of vegetable oil, and that worked out fine.

For the dipping sauce I just threw together a bit of soy sauce, memi, and rice vinegar.  I think next time I will need to be sure to have some mirin on hand to make the sauce better and maybe go lighter on the soy sauce.

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