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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Who can live without pizza?  Not me.  So I make up some pizza from VWaV every so often, and it makes me happy every time.  Just because there isn't cheese doesn't mean it doesn't taste good...

Sweet Potato Pie

Since I did forget my cookbooks at Thanksgiving, when I came home for my winter break, I promised my father a sweet potato pie.  I made a sweet potato pie with three nut topping.  The toasted nuts and creamy filling were such a nice contrast it made this pie a wonderful thing.

A Torte for Torts

As I was studying for my Torts final, it became clear that my study group needed a torte to help us study.  I made a sachertorte, full of chocolatey goodness.  I think it definitely helped the studying.

Rosh Hashana

For the new year I thought I'd treat myself to a Jewish food I haven't had (and enjoyed) in many, many years.  I made lattkes, and since I was lacking in apple sauce and sour cream, I also made Isa's horseradish dill sour cream.  It was tasty and crispy and everything a lattke should be.  The fake sour cream was surprisingly good.


A vegan Thanksgiving dinner may sound scary, but I think everyone survived it.  We had 3 kinds of knishes:  potato, potato-spinach, and sweet potato; roasted butternut squash soup, and sweet potato - pear tzimmes.  Very Thanksgiving-y flavors, and more satisfying than years when we've ordered pizza.  Even though I forgot my cookbooks, this was still a success.

Soup and Bread

I know its a green soup, but don't let the color put you off.  This is potato asparagus soup paired with rosemary focaccia.  Both were surprisingly easy to make and absolutely delicious.  The focaccia was good later with some fresh veggies and a bit of veganaise.

My Favorite Meal...ever

This has got to be my favorite meal...spicy peanut sauce on udon noodles with asian marinated tofu (slightly blackened).  The sauce is out of Vegan With a Vengeance, and it is amazing.  I always add too much sriracha sauce, but that is alright with me.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some days just call for comfort food, and what is more comforting than chocolate chip cookies and a glass of soy milk?  Not a whole lot, that is for sure.  I made the cookies off of Isa's blog on the PPK website, and they were delicious, as advertised.

Birthday Cupcakes

It was a friend's birthday and the Super Bowl, so of course I made cupcakes.  I made green tea cupcakes, which are her favorite, and they were a big hit, as always.  So delicious.
Also, check out the neat cupcake carrier my sister got me for my birthday/winter holiday!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Cinnamon Butter Cream and Cinnamon Drizzle

For the Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti relief, I decided to try out a new recipe out of the Vegan Cupcakes cookbook.  Something about pumpkin, chocolate chips, and cinnamon sounded amazing.  And I was right, these were delicious and it is a good thing I had to give them away.


I made pierogis!  I used potato, horseradish, and onion in the filling; it was delicious.  I served them with horseradish and mustard, so good.  I got the recipe off the forums on the PPK.

Necco Candy

Since Valentine's Day arrived and I got some candy hearts from friends, I figured I'd better check out Necco.  I e-mailed them on February 11 asking about the vegan-ness of their products.  I heard back on the 22 and this was the response:

Thank you for writing to Necco about our Vegan Candy.

The sugar free Sweethearts are Vegan.  The Magnesium Stearate we use is vegetable based.

Also our Mary Jane’s are Vegan.

Thank you again for writing.

Theresa Denis
Customer Correspondent

Einstein Bagels

Since bagels are so delicious, it is important to know which are vegan.  I e-mailed Einstein to ask about theirs and here is the result:  
I am wondering which of your menu items are vegan (no animal products
including butter, eggs, milk, etc).
Thank you

And their response:  

Thank you for your recent email.  Unfortunately, our products are not
considered in the Vegan status.  Thank you for taking the time to
contact us and I hope you have a great day!
Renee' DeHerrera
Customer Service | Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc.
Direct Line | 303 | 568 | 8106
1 | 800 | Bagel Me
Email ~

Verdict:  nothing vegan