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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Chanukah!

Benjamin and I would like to wish everyone a happy Chanukah, however you chose to spell it.  Last night was the first night, and we lit our candles:

Benjamin was very excited, since this was his first experience with a real menorah:
He then tried to eat the fire but as a mean mamma, I did not allow this.  Poor boy.
And would it be a proper Chanukah without dreidel? (if you watch closely, you'll see that Benjamin and I have matching blue nails...similar to those holiday pictures with everyone in matching sweaters)
We enjoyed a traditional holiday meal, as well:
Because nothing says Chanukah like potato asparagus soup, obviously.  This weekend there may be latkes, if Benjamin and I can get our paws on some potatoes...

Happy Chanukah, everyone!

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