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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chili Powder (and cumin!)

Sadly, today cooking has not happened.  However, I have my spice adventure from yesterday!  Yesterday was about chili powder, and yet again, cumin was thrown in as well.  Poor cumin, look at how sad it looks back there next to yet another spice that is overshadowing it:
Cumin will get its day sometime soon...promise.

I suppose I should also share what I've make with the chili powder...

Breakfast and lunch yesterday were the same thing:

It may look not so appealing, but it was really tasty.  I took a can of black beans and heated them in a bit of olive oil with some chili powder and cumin, then once they were mostly heated through I added some hot sauce, nooch and some Daiya cheddar until it got all gooey and delicious.  Then I sprinkled a bit more hot sauce and chili powder on top.  So good.  And it was good cold at lunch.  

For dinner I had hummus again (I know, it is surprising).  I added some chili powder and mixed it in, which added a nice layer of flavor.  
My brief is due on Friday, so Saturday I should have some more exciting food reports.  I think tomorrow's post will be from my stock of pictures that I have collected over the past few months.  I'm not sure what I've got that highlights a spice, but we will find out together, I guess.  Here's to hoping this brief doesn't kill me...


  1. Good luck on your brief! What is your topic?

    To answer your commented question, I am also a second year. I don't care what others say, it's way worse than first year.

  2. Erica - the brief was on the ADA and FMLA...very exciting. Especially trying to argue the side of the company rather than the employee. Ick.