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Monday, November 1, 2010

Vegan MoFo 2010

It is November 1 and that means it is also Vegan MoFo 2010!  This is my first Vegan Month of Food, so bear with me.  The Vegan MoFo is a huge event, better explained here:  That is also where you can find a complete list of bloggers participating in this glorious month.

I am a second year law student, so I spent 10-14 hours a day at school, but I am dedicated to seeing this through.  Since cooking and baking are such a good stress relief, I plan to dedicate a bit of time each day to both playing in the kitchen and updating here.  In the past I have been lax in my updates, but this month I will get at least 1 update each day.  If I fail, I will need bail money, since I will be in baking jail.
My theme for the month is spices.  Today I am also started a low-sugar lifestyle adventure, so I figured it would be a good chance for me to explore other ways of injecting big flavor into my cooking.  Each day I will do at least 1 dish that highlights or uses in some way a different spice from my spice collection.  I have several I have never used, and I may even get my hands on some new ones.  As always, this will occasionally include cupcakes, but in deference to my new low-sugar commitment, those will be less frequent than the savory dishes, and most of the reviews of flavor will come from those that are force-fed cuppies.  Since I've been hoarding my food porn, there will also be some pictures and (raving) reviews of past recipes I've made.  We will just have to see what else I decide to throw on here as I go, which may also be dependent on how busy school is keeping me...which this week is very, very busy.

So check back here daily, check out blogs by everyone else, and check out how cute my cat is:


  1. I have checked out your cat and he is indeed a handsome devil!

  2. You cat is adorable! And hooray for your first veganmofo!

    Also, keep up the good work re. sugar free!

  3. Your kitty is adorable - he looks very nonplussed in that picture.
    Happy MoFo'ing.

  4. Hey! I'm a law student! And a vegan! And I have a cat! We should be MoFo friends.

    Good call on past glories. Might have to dredge up some old pics myself.

  5. we have matchy cats!! happy vegan mofo!