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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Milwaukee Vegan Bake Sale This Weekend!

There is a vegan bake sale this weekend!  Everyone should go!  Here is the information:

Also, there is still time to volunteer to donate something, so if you are so inclined, follow the information on the site and get to it!

I made cupcakes, know...I happen to have a thing for cuppies.  Since I've been a bit preoccupied with school, I didn't get a chance to get any special ingredients, so I had to work with what was already in my pantry.  Luckily, I keep some pretty good stuff stocked.  Therefore, we ended up with these:
Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Rich Chocolate Ganache Topping.  Yum.

Somehow the batter made more than my 12 cupcake liners could hold, so I scooped the rest of the batter into the mini-cuppie tray I have to bring to the coach for my oral argument for Appellate Writing and Advocacy, since she is amazing, as well as a mini-cake for my parents who are coming to visit this weekend.  The cake sank a bit in the middle, but I'm sure it still tastes good.  Here is the full batch:
However, I apparently made a mess while I was drizzling the ganache...
I guess it is a good thing I had just washed my apron the day before...oops.  I must say though, I love my apron.  I have two aprons right now, and I'm sure I'd have more if I had the space to hang them and show them off properly.  My sister got me this one last Winter Holiday, along with a great cupcake carrier and some cute little cuppie wrappers with feet.

Moral of today's post:  either bake something, go buy/eat something, or both at the Vegan Bake Sale this weekend at the Urban Ecology Center!


  1. Thanks! Last year was very successful, so I'm sure this year's will be as well!

  2. Mmmm, PB and chocolate is my favorite combo! That's nice of you to bring sweets to your coach. If your coach is anything like our moot court coaches, she probably busts her butt!

    Have a great bake sale. Those look awesome.

  3. The drizzle is great and the apron is so cute. I a similar apron my other half surprised me with. I'm sure you'll be a hit at the bakesale!