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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

October Package Swap

Since I never got around to putting the pictures up on the boards, I figured I'd dedicate a posting to the wonderful package Leah sent me last month.  She sent me juice boxes, gummies, ginger snaps, crisped rice marshmallow treats, fruit leather, vegan jerky, pretzel snacks, and a worry doll.  It was an amazing package.

The gummies were wonderful.  There were two kinds:  vampire snacks and bears.  The vampire ones were shaped like blood drops and skulls.  So cute!  If I hadn't been so busy inhaling them at the time, I would have taken a picture.

The jerky was a new thing to me.  Since I was raised pescetarian (vegetarian plus fish), I had never had real jerky to compare this to.  The flavors were good and smokey, which I enjoyed.  The texture though....apparently it is very accurate, but let me tell you...I'm glad I'd never had jerky before.  That was not something I could eat.  It was kind of tough and chewy at the same time.  So weird.

The pretzel snacks were Sticks & Twigs brand, and quite tasty.  They will feature in a post coming on Sunday regarding stereotypical vegan moments.

I really enjoyed getting the package, and I hope she enjoyed hers as much as I did!  Putting one together was a blast, as well, and I can't wait for the next swap!

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